You are here because you are inspired to show up strong in the world. I am here to create effective and alluring design & strategy solutions to help you and your business thrive.

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Hello, I’m Zoe - founder of Studio Zo - where I work with people who have a vision and a desire to enhance the visual impact and functionality of their business. I am a brand identity designer, creating relevant and enduring design solutions that accurately resonate with your target customers.

I favour clean and simple designs that have a calming effect on the audience and a premium feel. Harmony, beauty and functionality are my three virtues in design. Each of my projects must have these attributes, before it gets presented to the client and the rest of the world.
I traded the flat landscape of Lithuania to a hilly Scotland when I was 18 (I am an Aries after all, need some peaks to conquer). Personal development, high speeds, drawing, electronic music and festivals, spirituality, photography, magical realism genre, babies, open-mindedness, freedom, positive mindset, raccoons and a few other naughty things makes up my list of the joys of life.

African proverb I’m into at the moment:

Faster alone,
Further together.

If you are someone who enjoys connecting with people, love beauty in your life and want to impress and delight your customers with an enticing brand identity then...
... work with me
“Working with Zo was an inspiring & wonderful experience.”
“Zo is a very sweet, empathic yet highly professional person. I really did enjoy the way she took care of my needs & wishes as a client. Her way of capturing the essence of my business, the voice of my brand & then turning it into the perfect expression of my very own hallmark is simply fantastic.“
tina, the paper voyager
"Zo continues to exceed my expectations."
“Zo has an incredibly good grasp of what only exists in my head at the beginning. Zo is a gem and such a talented person. I recommend her to anyone searching for someone with a great aesthetic eye creating distinctive designs. I am already looking forward to working with her on my future projects.“
johanna, johanna kramer
“Working with Zo is easy, joyful and inspiring.”
“Zo is one of the few people who understands your branding essence better than you do it yourself and has the ability to translate that essence into a visual eyecatcher. Also, I loved that I was not forced to choose whatever she offered me, but instead we found the optimal solution so that we both loved the result.“
annika, annika buhnemann

Core Studio Zo Values

Empathy Beauty Honesty

My favourite things

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