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Anne Oldach is a youth fiction author based in Rostock, Germany. Her dystopian novels draw her readers in with a lively and empathetic writing style. Anne wanted a strong brand identity to be in place before the launch of her new book.

The Logo

We have worked with Anne to determine her ideal reader. Anne’s logo suite exudes feelings of empathy, friendliness, youthfulness and kindness. Strong serifs at the base of the letters symbolise confidence and credibility.

The symbol is packed with meaning yet open to interpretation. Sea waves for embracing both light and heavy emotions, sun for affirmation that love is at the basis of everything, circle for the circle of life. Six rays of the sun represent common topics of your novels: love, fear, death, friendship, adventure, freedom.

Colour Palette

Anne lives by the Baltic sea and it is dear to her. Love for nature and its preservation often features in her work. Baltic Blue and Sky Blue represent those seaside hues. Adventure Orange encapsulates lively energy of young adults and catches their attention.

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"I am so glad I got in touch with Zoe for this project. She took a lot of time to get to know me and my writing style. Zoe also surprised me with an extremely accurate profile of my ideal reader. She developed a logo design that ticks all the boxes for me. It´s unique, highly recognisable and full of meaning. Zoe truly is an empathetic designer with a lot of creativity, professionalism and a good sense for what her customers need."
Anne Oldach
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