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Mia Zielinska is a registered member (MBACP) with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. She is passionate about helping people. That is why she chose the name Aruna – Arunas are people who find enlightenment through self-study. Aruna is also known as the charioteer who drives the Sun God across the sky. As a qualified counsellor she facilitates her clients’ journey to finding greater peace, to getting where they’re trying to go, and to reaching greater self-understanding.

The Logo

After determining Mia’s target client, mission statement, and personal preference, we have settled on a modernist logo as a desired outcome for this project. Aruna Counselling logo is a combination logo consisting of a wordmark and a symbol. The main lettering style is minimalistic, unique and premium. The symbol is modern and clean, conveying multiple meanings - reference to the charioteer Aruna, positivity and renewal, and care.

Another key requirement was for the logo design to be gender neutral to attract customers of any gender.

Brand keywords: compassionate, accepting, stable, uncomplicated.

Brand Guidelines

Aruna Counselling brand guide includes: logo variations, logo user guide, typography, colour palette, photography style, graphic elements and their usage to enhance the visual brand identity.

The overall appearance of Mia Counselling brand evokes feelings of stability, strength, compassion - qualities that Mia embodies as a counsellor.

Colour Palette

Aruna Counselling brand has a balanced palette. Two primary colours - Rich Purple and Wintergreen - represents emotional + scientific components of psychodynamic therapy.
Rich Purple can have a calming effects over the mind and nerves and this particularly deep hue invites to go within, to the depths if the psyche.
Wintergreen is a mint blue shade of blue, a colour that is said to promote feelings of tranquillity. As it also contains green, which is thought to help balance emotions, mint blue can be a particularly calming hue.

Secondary colour Eggshell is a sophisticated, premium colour, with some of the warmth of brown and a lot of the coolness of white. In design, eggshell can lend a sense of elegance and calm. When combined with earthy colours like peach or brown, it can take on an earthy quality.

Web Design

Aruna Counselling website design has a clean, simple, and easy to navigate structure. User experience had to be straightforward, uncomplicated, calming.
Website design is a great exercise in implementing the elements determined in the brand guidelines document.

After designing the look of the website, I passed it on to Piotr Zielinski - Mia’s husband, who is an IT professional. I usually work with my brilliant web developer, but if the client only needs the design part taken care off, I’m happy with that too.

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“This logo option immediately hooked me and I absolutely love it. I love the sun and the hands and how I can see it in different ways. It's stylish, meaningful, and simple, which is great. Thankful for all Zo did, I'm very happy with the outcome.”
Mia Zielinska
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