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Charlotte Kinsella is a passionate and ambitious photographer driven by a vision of a world where love is expressed and celebrated authentically.
Charlotte operates from a place of kindness, joy, authenticity, curiosity and the belief that beauty comes from within.

We started with two in-person brand strategy sessions and they informed this brief. We have discovered that Charlotte Kinsella's brand belongs to the Creator archetype, which celebrates the creative process and creative expression. The tagline 'cool pictures for cool people' greatly influenced this brand identity development. Our goal was to create a premium and exclusive look that is also expressive, spontaneous and fun.

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“Best designer in the business. I can’t thank Zoe enough. I feel like she went into my head, picked out everything and brought it to life! I didn’t even realise I needed those colours in my life until I saw them. It’s so different from what any other photographer has, and I am so excited for everyone to see my new branding!”
Charlotte Kinsella
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