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Johanna is an award-winning German novelist with an inspiring story of self-discovery. Her debut ended up on the Skoutz Award 2019 shortlist, the jury and readers have selected Joahnna’s novel from over 200 books and now "We Can Be Anything" is one of the top 3 in the "Contemporary" category. It is a novel about the power of love, the fear of it and the courage it takes to follow your inner voice.
Recently she has also published The Moon Journal. Read more about it further down.

The inspiration for Johanna Kramer brand is thoughtful and feminine with a touch of handmade uniqueness. It’s clean, minimal and premium but illustrations, paper textures and an earthy colour palette make it warm and approachable.

The Logo

Readers choose Johanna Kramer’s books and other products because of the unique poetic writing style, deep, intense, emotional stories and an underlying empowering spiritual message. The logo had to appear exclusive, yet personal, genuine, premium and unrivalled.

Moon symbolises time, cycles, psyche, admiration, mystery, fertility, and change. It is worth noting that the shape for the moon here is a hidden reference to an old typewriter’s key. Johanna uses a manual typewriter in her work, therefore I started sketching ideas with this in mind. Heather plant symbolises admiration, protection, solitude and good luck. I researched a variety of wild meadow plants, their meanings and uses, and settled on the heather plant to reflect the author's adoration for nature.

The wordmark features elegant typography which I modified to give it more character - all A’s take a slightly different stance, sending a message to be unique. The tagline is a slightly adjusted handwriting of the author herself, which adds another personal touch to the logo.

Colour Palette

Colour is an integral part of brand identity. Consistent use of the colour palette not only reinforces the cohesiveness of the brand but also serves a psychological purpose by communicating a certain feeling to your audience.
Johanna Kramer brand has an earthy palette. It symbolises stability, contentment and relates to things that are natural and simple. This colour palette seeks to evoke feelings of wholesomeness, peace and confidence.

Brand Guidelines

A brand is a promise. It is when the target audience encounters the brand touchpoints and develops expectations, based on what they see and feel. Successful brand identity delivers on those expectations.

Brand positioning defines who Johanna Kramer essentially is, who her readers are, and how she solves their ‘problems’. Once the visual brand identity is developed, it is important to stay consistent. Following these guidelines ensures that Johanna Kramer brand remains elegant, professional and cohesive.

Web Design

Johanna Kramer had a website that wasn't providing immersive and enticing browsing experience to its visitors. Website is a virtual brand touchpoint which is a vital part of many businesses nowadays. The challenge here was to create a unique - not a cookie-cutter - site that is visually pleasing but also practical and easy for Johanna to edit afterwards.

After I have designed the look of the website, I handed it over to my dedicated web developer Amelie Morweiser to build. There were multiple stages for client feedback during the process to make sure our client Johanna is pleased with it all.

Have a look at Johanna Kramer website here

Merchandise Design

Johanna Kramer is an inspired writer who loves to give her readers products she knows they’ll enjoy.
Moon Journal introduces its readers to the wonders that are hidden in our cosmos. It helps us to understand the symbolism of the moon and to apply it to our lives. It shows why writing is beneficial and encourages a regular writing ritual.

Scope for this particular part of the project: typesetting, illustration, print design. My job was to design multiple stationery items such us the journal itself, moon calendar, postcards, moon letter template, bookmarks, candle labels. The serene, premium feel was key once again. Thanks to Brand Guidelines designed at the start of the project, it was relatively easy and enjoyable for me to maintain the consistency of Johanna Kramer brand.

I deeply resonate with people who are working to promote personal growth and creativity, find more balance and bring fulfilment into all areas of our life. Working on the design, typesetting and illustration for this project has been wonderful. The result is a design that resonates with Johanna’s audience, who can look forward to their daily journaling ritual with anticipation.

Johanna published the Moon Journal just recently and has rapidly sold 700 copies thus far, which has exceeded her hopes and expectations for her young business.

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"I was looking for a brand and graphic designer for a long time and I am so grateful that I finally came across Studio Zo. We talked in detail about my target group, about my vision, and also what I and my brand should represent. The result was branding and website that I fell with love with. I was so excited about Zo's work that I commissioned her for my Moon Journal too. Zo continues to exceed my expectations and has an incredibly good grasp of what only exists in my head at the beginning. Her hand-drawn elements make each of her designs unique and special. Zo is a gem and such a talented person. I recommend her to anyone searching for someone with a great eye for aesthetics and distinctive design solutions."
Johanna Kramer
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