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Nina Pettenberg offers unique coaching and mentoring for women and equip them with tools and ways that not only integrate their feelings, but also heal, transform and strengthen life for them and their clients in the long term.

All of this is done through creative journeys and in an intuitive, feminine and inspiring way. Nina nourishes the potential of women and seeks to balance the world out by teaching soulpreneurs to reconnect to their inner guidance system and spread their light to the world.

Our brand strategy session has revealed that we need to design a logo that communicates harmony, creativity and connection to self. 

The logo suite was designed to particularly reflect these core qualities:

Premium and exclusive


Welcoming to those who feel worthy for more


Meaning Behind The Logo

Starflower (Borago officinalis) was the inspiration for the logo mark. I decided to focus on the key word ‘empowerment’ and was looking for something that will symbolise that. In history, Starflower was used in spiritual rituals to bring peace to the home and tranquillity in the family. This flower symbolises courage and power. Its nectar is also particularly attractive to bees and I believe that this fits the brief particularly well. The branding should appeal to women who are wanting to inspire other women - your course helps them become magnetic coaches who will attract their own students. 

The logo mark also features an arch. Arches symbolise movement, life and opportunities, growth and renewal.

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“My favourite part about my new brand identity is how everything has one essence, it’s cohesive. I think the new branding radiates and supports the values of my company without me having to keep talking about it. Clear structure, adhering to deadlines and the inspiring and fresh translation of my ideas have made the collaboration with Zoe so much fun. Loved working with her!”
Nina Pettenberg
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