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Mutterleicht is an extension module for women who have previously acquired coaching training. It offers unique coaching for women—mostly mothers—and supports them in finding their own individual, self-determined path and in developing their full potential.

The curriculum has a modular structure and leaves space for their own individual exercises if necessary - such as yoga or Qui Gong, walks or meditations, painting or creative writing. Women learn how to integrate a highly effective workshop concept into their work as a coach, educator, trainer, consultant.

Mutterleicht is a sub-brand of Nina Pettenberg and it shares many attributes and core values, but Mutterleicht is targeted to mothers who are longing for ease and need more encouragement.

It was important for Mutterleicht logo to share some key elements with Nina Pettenberg brand, to make it clear that this is a brand family.

The main logo designs are wordmarks only, with an exception for a small scale logo variation which shares Nina Pettenberg brand family’s symbol - Starflower.

Mutterleicht logo is welcoming, modern, and in harmony with Nina Pettenberg logo suite.

Mutterleicht logo communicates these core qualities:



Premium yet accessible  


Mutterleicht as part of Nina Pettenberg brand


The first half of the wordmark with the word ‘Mutter’ is set in the same font as Nina Pettenberg to suggest core overlapping brand values. The second part of the wordmark with the word ‘Leicht’ is handwritten, taking elements from the handwriting provided. It feels expressive, open and welcoming. The result is one of balance and harmony.

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“My favourite part about my new brand identity is how everything has one essence, it’s cohesive. I think the new branding radiates and supports the values of my company without me having to keep talking about it. Clear structure, adhering to deadlines and the inspiring and fresh translation of my ideas have made the collaboration with Zoe so much fun. Loved working with her!”
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