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Tina - the founder of The Paper Voyager - is a journalling artist with a passionate and devoted following of like-minded people, many of whom are INFJs, just like me.
The Paper Voyager is a deeply personal endeavour for Tina. The brand identity had to reflect the authenticity, sincerity, professionalism and credibility.

The Logo

A handmade feel was key to this logo project since TPV is all about returning to analogue and the nurturing, therapeutic effects of journaling and scrapbooking. Also, Tina is meticulous and has a keen eye for detail. The logo had to hit that sweet spot between handcrafted charm and high-quality precision.

I have created several variations with different species of ferns. We have decided to go with a maidenhair fern. Not only this was an aesthetics-driven decision, but a strategic one too. We have considered the regions this fern occurs in and the symbolic meaning of it. Asplenium trichomanes (maidenhair fern) is valued in cultivation for its hardiness (down to -20 °C), evergreen foliage and its ability to colonise crevices in stone walls. It has gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.

Colour Palette

The client had a strong preference for earthy, autumnal tones. Autumn is Tina’s favourite season, and her Instagram feed had a strong colour theme going already. I took that into account when curating the colour scheme.
All hues here represent Tina’s love for her favourite season, all things vintage and handcrafted goods from natural materials. Most importantly, this colour scheme resonates with her loyal superfans.

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"Studio Zo was a recommendation of a friend and a happy customer. Working with Zo on the logo design for my creative business was an inspiring and wonderful experience. Zo is a sweet, empathic yet highly professional person. I enjoyed the way she took care of my needs & wishes as a client. Her way of capturing the essence of my business, the voice of my brand & then turning it into the perfect expression of my very own logo is simply fantastic. I look forward to working with her together again soon."
The Paper Voyager
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